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Licentiate Membership

Licentiate is the initial class of corporate membership for a person who has been awarded the Institute's Certificate of Competence or demonstrated equivalence as determined by the Institute through an individual assessment.

The Institute's Certificate of Competence has two elements:

Licentiates of the Institute have the opportunity to work towards an Institute Specialist Diploma, a qualification that after at least two years professional experience in the class of Licentiate will allow individuals to apply for the next class of Institute membership, Member.

If appropriate to their employment circumstances, Licentiates may alternatively undertake a dissertation and obtain a Diploma of Specialist Practice.

Licentiate members are entitled to use the designatory letters LIBMS.

Prospective Licentiate applicants can apply via either route listed below

Equivalence route

Applicants who are HCPC-registered with a non-IBMS accredited qualification may apply to join as a Licentiate member via an individual assessment against the Institute's Code of Conduct.
How to do this

Non-standard route

Applicants who are not HCPC-registered and who hold an honours degree or equivalent can join as a Licentiate via an assessment of their qualifications and professional experience.
How to do this