Member Engagement Group

Your views shape the IBMS 

It is essential that your views are at the centre of IBMS policy, advocacy and services.

The IBMS Member Engagement Group was set up to ensure that you able to give your views and shape IBMS policy and services in the areas that are most important to you.  


About our Member Engagement Group  

To ensure the widest range of members possible can participate all our meetings are conducted via conference call.

Any members unable to attend Member Engagement Group meetings are invited to give their views on the issues discussed in the meeting agenda via a survey. All members of the group will receive a report after each meeting covering discussion points and proposed actions. 

The IBMS Member Engagement Group has covered how we can best support our members in areas including:

  • IBMS advocacy work
  • our Regions and Branches
  • the impact of pathology reorganisation on members
  • IBMS Qualifications
  • Fellowship

The valuable insights gained from the Member Engagement Group have been fed back into the IBMS and made an impact on our advocacy strategy, our journal and website content, Congress planning and support for leadership and career development.


Join our Member Engagement Group 

If you are interested in getting involved with our Member Engagement Group please: 

You will be able to join our Member Engagement Group and receive updates on member engagement opportunities in your local area. 

You can also join our Member Engagement Group by emailing