Chair, Secretary and Treasurer


The chair is appointed by the committee to ensure meetings are run, on time and they follow the agenda. The chair's decision on procedures are final. The authority of the chair should be noted by members, particularly when selecting the occupant of this office.

Chair’s duties may include:

  1. To conduct the business of the region/branch/discussion group in accordance with IBMS practice.
  2. To prepare the agenda in consultation with the secretary.
  3. To make sure that any information required to aid discussion is available or that a group is organised to research and provide it.
  4. To be aware of the purpose of the meeting, and if necessary, being by re-capping the previous meeting.
  5. To define discussion items or areas for action.
  6. To set the tone of the meeting, i.e. formal or informal.
  7. To conduct the meeting efficiently and effectively and within a structure:
    1. take each item in turn
    2. facilitate discussion and keep it ‘on track’
    3. keep to the time limits
  8. To summarise:
    1. put any questions to the vote
    2. recap any debate
    3. clarify decisions and actions to be taken
    4. check commitment
  9. To ensure that agreed actions are taken.



The duties of a secretary may include:

  1. To prepare and issue notices and agendas of all meetings in consultation with the chairman, and to ensure that any background papers are available well before the meeting.
  2. To attend and take the minutes of every committee meeting.
  3. To circulate minutes to all committee members, and to conduct the correspondence.
  4. To notify all members of annual general meetings (details are available on request from the IBMS office).
  5. To present an annual report to the AGM.
  6. To provide the IBMS office with:
    1. a completed ‘Return of Officers’ form listing the elected representatives of the region or branch within 14 days of the annual general meeting and updates as they occur
    2. notifications of meetings (other than committee meetings) for publication in the Biomedical Scientist or on the IBMS website:
    3. reports on meetings held, written by the secretary or other person delegated to do so by the Secretary
  7. To act at all times under the direction of the committee.
  8. To maintain links with discussion groups affiliated to their region or branch



The duties of a treasurer may include:

  1. To be accountable and responsible for the financial activities of the local group.
  2. To advise the region, branch or discussion group committee of suitable uses of funds.
  3. To account for any other local monies collected on behalf of the IBMS or for IBMS activities.
  4. To maintain accurate accounts, including a record of debtors and creditors.
  5. To provide timely quarterly income and expenditure returns with receipts and VAT details to the IBMS office.
  6. To submit a financial report to the region or branch AGM, and to committee meetings as required.
  7. To ensure the safe keeping and retention of all financial records and information.
  8. To pass, on retiring from office, all books, papers and monies to the incoming treasurer (or to the chairman).
  9. The regional treasurer is, additionally, delegated to provide support to branch and discussion group treasurers and to act as a focal point for them.