Promote your event

How to promote your Biomedical Science Day event

If you have a communications team at work ask them how they can help promote your Biomedical Science Day event. This could be through their internal channels, to other staff, or externally using your hospitals' website or social media channels. They will also have contacts for local media; ask them to liaise with local press to help you attract further attention. To help, we’ve created a press release template for you to use.

The NHS turns 70 on 5th July this year; to celebrate they are hosting a variety of events which you can use to promote Biomedical Science Day. Please visit for more information and resources. 


Helpful resources

Use our invite letter template and invite a local MP, senior hospital staff, or any prominent local people to come and visit the laboratory. Using our press release template  you can use it to send to the local press after the event or as a template for an article for your internal communications, such as a hospital newsletter.  


Tell us about your event

Once you've planned your event let us know what you're doing and we can help you promote it. Follow us on social media throughout the day and help us reach a wider audience by sharing and liking our messages. Remember to use the hashtag #AtTheHeartOfHealthcare in your messages.