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Careers in biomedical science

What is a biomedical scientist?

Biomedical science is the term for the investigations carried out by biomedical scientists on samples of tissue and body fluids to diagnose disease and monitor the treatment of patients.

Careers in biomedical science

We have put together this careers information to help you to decide whether a career in biomedical science would be a suitable option for you. What makes biomedical science such a fascinating and rewarding career?

IBMS accredited biomedical science degree courses

The Institute accredits honours level degrees in biomedical science and named Masters degree relevant to biomedical science. The IBMS’s programme of accreditation plays a key role in the education of biomedical scientists and helps to ensure that students are suitably trained upon entering the profession.

Guide to finding jobs in biomedical science

Regular contributors to the IBMS web discussion forums to give us their tips and thoughts on finding a job.

See also Sandra Richard's personal tips on finding a job in a currently difficult market.

An advanced practitioners view

Maria Haynes is an advanced practitioner in histolgical dissection, working in the histology laboratory in Maidstone Hospital's new cellular pathology department.

Please note that the IBMS cannot help find employment for any members.

Job vacancies are advertised in The Biomedical Scientist, on the IBMS-affiliated website at or the NHS jobs website at and

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