Grants, Prizes and Awards

Grants & Bursaries

We promote the advancement of biomedical science through grants and bursaries that support original research, enable members to access IBMS qualifications and events and develop their public engagement skills.   

IBMS Research Grants

Supporting original research of IBMS members in the UK and overseas 

Mary Macdonald Bursary

For biomedical science support staff hoping to undertake an IBMS Certificate of Achievement 


Prizes and Awards 

We recognise our members' achievements through prizes and awards that celebrate their knowledge and skills  

Mary Macdonald Congress Award

The Mary Macdonald Congress Award is awarded biennially and used to sponsor 20 places at IBMS Congress.

President's Prize

Celebrating the achievements of IBMS accredited degree course graduates

Company Members Prize

Awarded to IBMS member achieving the highest mark in each specialist subject of the Higher Specialist Diploma exam

R J Lavington Prize

Awarded to IBMS member achieving the highest mark across all disciplines in the IBMS Higher Specialist Diploma exam

Diploma of Expert Practice Prize

Awarded to IBMS member achieving the highest mark in the Diploma of Expert Practice exam

Advanced Specialist Diploma Prize

Awarded to IBMS member achieving the highest mark in the Advanced Specialist Diploma exam

Cyril Sanders Memorial Award

Awarded for the best CPD review return by an IBMS member at RSciTech level 


We recognise dedicated service to the IBMS and the profession through our Life and Honorary Memberships and Honorary Fellowship of the IBMS 

Life Membership and Honorary Membership

Recognises exceptional levels of an IBMS member's commitment over a significant period of time

Honorary Fellowship

Recognises non-members of high repute and distinction who have made a significant impact on the profession, the organisation or healthcare.


Access Science Council professional registers

Professional registration with the Science Council captures the knowledge and experience that are sought after by employers and demanded by the public, demonstrating your commitment to high ethical standards and continuing professional development (CPD).