Cyril Sanders Memorial Award

About the Award

The Cyril Sanders Memorial Award was established in 1974 as a tribute to the late Cyril Sanders MBE.  The award was for a competition, by means of an annual technical demonstration, open to any member or student of the Institute who was not qualified for ‘state’ registration with the Council for Professions Supplementary to Medicine (CPSM) .

The method of qualification for statutory regulation changed with the replacement of the CPSM with the Health Professions Council (HPC), now known as the Health and Care professions (HCPC) and as a result the award lapsed.  The award was revised in 2018 and in keeping with the original concept is now focussed on voluntary regulation with the Science Council and the award of Registered Science Technician (RSciTech).

The revised Cyril Sanders Memorial Award

The Cyril Sanders Memorial Award is now granted for the best CPD review return by an IBMS member at RSciTech level. This is in keeping with its original purpose as a prize for junior staff (i.e. pre-registration biomedical scientists or those not eligible for registration). A minimum of 20 RSciTech registrants are CPD reviewed each cycle, with the request for the CPD records in mid-November of each year. Registrants then have three months to complete the review. It should be noted that an RSciTech not called for CPD review can still send undertaken the review and thus be considered for the award.

The Judging for the Award

The CPD review assessment team already note particularly good returns that are clearly meeting the standards required at RSciTech level and could be put forward for the Science Council CPD Award.

The team will also select returns of a high standard for consideration for the Cyril Saunders Memorial Award based on the following criteria:

  1. Clear demonstration of all the required CPD standards for maintenance of the RSciTech award
  2. Submission of a return that highlights the RSciTech has undertaken activities that go over and above the minimal standards and clearly demonstrate CPD that has benefited the overall service and users

Judging of this selection will then be undertaken by a member of the IBMS Council, a member of the assessment team and the Professional Support Services Manager.

The prize

The winner would be awarded a certificate and a cash prize of £100. It is hoped this can be presented at a regional or local level.