Fifty Year Medal

The IBMS is pleased to present a medal to those who have had 50 years' membership with the IBMS


2019 winners

Mr Adrian Northern CSci FIBMS

Mr Angus McCraw CSci FIBMS

Mrs Ann Clark FIBMS

Mrs Evelyn Beckett MIBMS

Mrs Gillian Foster MIBMS

Mrs Janet Wilson FIBMS

Mrs Jillian Morgan MIBMS

Mrs Joan Pascoe FIBMS

Mr John Rosling FIBMS

Mr John Battye FIBMS

Mr John Candlish FIBMS

Mrs Josephine Kandler FIBMS

Miss Joyce Poole CSci FIBMS

Mrs Judith Richardson MIBMS

Mrs Mary Ould FIBMS

Mr Maurice Van Mellaerts FIBMS

Mr Michael Milne CSci FIBMS

Mr Michael English FIBMS

Mr Michael Gillett FIBMS

Mr Michael Mansfield FIBMS

Mr Neil Porter CSci FIBMS

Mr Paul Garbutt FIBMS

Mr Peter Bayley-Bligh BSc FIBMS

Mr Philip Spiers MInstLM FIBMS

Mr Richard Florio FIBMS

Ms Sonia Noble

Mr Stephen Marshall FIBMS

Mr Stephen Taylor CSci FIBMS