Life Membership

We are proud to acknowledge the contribution our members make to the IBMS

IBMS Life and Honorary Membership are amongst our most prestigious awards, recognising exceptional levels of commitment over a significant period of time.

IBMS Life Membership 

IBMS Life Membership is awarded to recognise consistent, long and valuable service to the IBMS at national or international level.

Nominees for IBMS Life Membership should be:

  • a current IBMS member
  • with at least 25 years of membership 
  • able to demonstrate service of at least 10 years at national or international level.

Up to four IBMS Life Membership awards may be granted in any one calendar year.


How to Nominate 

Please read the guidance notes included in the IBMS Life and Honorary Membership nomination form.

Nominations are invited from LicentiatesMembers and Fellows of the IBMS. Self-nominations are not accepted. 

Complete and return the IBMS Life and Honorary Membership nomination form to

Deadline for nominations each year is 31st December

The nominator and successful nominees will be informed in March and the award will be presented at the IBMS Annual General Meeting (AGM) in June.