Journal Based Learning

IBMS Journal Based Learning (JBL)

Journal based learning (JBL) involves reading and then answering questions based on articles in scientific journals.

JBL is an excellent way to learn about scientific advances and techniques as part of your continuing professional development (CPD).    

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Taking a JBL Test 

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Multidisciplinary JBL 2 / Deadline 3 May 2017

Statements are taken from the three ‘In Brief’ articles in Issue 3 (Volume 73, 2016) of the British Journal of Biomedical Science, available free for members to download.

Test No 020217 / Transfusion Science / Deadline 3 May 2017

Guideline for blood grouping and red cell antibody testing in pregnancy.

Test No 020717 / Cellular Pathology / Deadline 3 May 2017

A multicentre study of the precision and accuracy of the TruSlice and TruSlice Digital histological dissection devices.

Test No 030117 / Medical Microbiology / Deadline 7 June 2017

Mycobacterial infections due to contaminated heater cooler units used in cardiac bypass: an approach for infection control practitioners.

Test No 030517 / Immunology / Deadline 7 June 2017

International Consensus Document (ICON): Common variable immunodeficiency disorders.

Test No 201701 / Haematology / Deadline 3 May 2017

A critical appraisal of one-stage and chromogenic assays of FVIII activity.

Test No 201703 / Haematology / Deadline 7 June 2017

Potential pitfalls of serum free light chain analysis to assess treatment response for multiple myeloma.