HCPC registration

Find out more about Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) registration

The HCPC is the statutory regulator for several healthcare professions, including biomedical scientists. 

It is a legal requirement for biomedical scientists practising in the UK to be registered with the HCPC.


How to become HCPC registered

If you are interested in working as a biomedical scientist in the UK find out more about becoming HCPC registered. If you have not completed an IBMS accredited or HCPC approved honours degree find out how to get your degree assessed by the IBMS for HCPC registration.


Maintaining your HCPC registration 

Find out more about maintaining your HCPC registration and how the IBMS resources can support you in maintaining your HCPC registration.



Visit our HCPC FAQs page for information on whether your degree is HCPC approved, becoming HCPC registered with a degree from overseas or a pass degree, renewing your HCPC registration and re-admittance to the HCPC register.


Revised guidance

The HCPC has published revised guidance on standards of education, CPD and registration. Additional guidance, with recommendations from the Institute, has also been added for returning to practice which can be viewed in the IBMS Good Professional Practice for Biomedical Science document. 

Please visit the HCPC website to download further guidance material and brochures.

To all students be sure to visit the HCPC Student Hub for further information and learning materials.