Best practice

We are dedicated to the promotion, development and delivery of excellence in biomedical science

By providing professional guidance, publications and forums to support the development and sharing of best practice in biomedical science.


Professional Guidance  

The IBMS enables our profession to deliver safe, high-quality care by setting standards for the profession and supporting biomedical scientists in their practice.  

IBMS professional guidance is developed by scientific and professional experts that include members of the IBMS Advisory Panels and Education and Professional Standards Committee.  

You can download IBMS professional guidance from our professional guidance page.


IBMS best practice resources 

We provide a number of resources to support our members in achieving and sharing best practice. 

The Biomedical Scientist features articles covering best practice.

We publish a range of professional guidance to support our members their practice.

If there are areas where you would like us to produce professional guidance please contact

Our Advisory Panels can advise you on best practice in discipline-specific areas. 

Please contact with your queries for our Advisory Panels.



Our region and branch network run scientific and educational events to develop and share best practice across the UK and overseas.

You can find a list of events and courses to support your practice on our Events page.  


Discussion groups

IBMS discipline specific discussion groups organise scientific events, courses and discussion forums.  

To find your nearest local IBMS discussion group please our Discussion Groups page.  

To set up a discipline-specific discussion group in your local area please contact you local IBMS region or branch committee secretary.  


If there are areas of best practice that you would like us to develop guidance or events on please contact with your suggestions.