Careers in biomedical science

Download our Science in the Service of Life careers brochure to find out more about career paths in biomedical science. 

From CVs to volunteering you can find useful advice in our selection articles from across the web on our Careers articles page.  

Read our Guide to Finding a job in Biomedical Science - IBMS members offer their advice in getting ahead in the biomedical science jobs market.

You can find information about careers and pay for biomedical scientists working in the NHS on the NHS Careers website.


IBMS Podcast on career paths in biomedical science 

Careers in Biomedical Science 


Where to find jobs 

Biomedical science job vacancies are advertised: 

You can find a listing of

  • biomedical science
  • NHS
  • healthcare
  • bioscience industry
  • research
  • science and
  • graduate

jobs websites on our Jobs websites page.  


Biomedical science jobs beyond the NHS?

In the UK many biomedical scientists work in the NHS and private labs. However, biomedical scientists have a range of key transferable skills valued by many employers.

Biomedical scientists can work in education, product specialist roles, diagnostics manufacturing, medical sales, private healthcare, veterinary services, food and drink, biotechnology, media (science writers or editors) and pharmaceutical industries.


Enhance your CV

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Social media

Social media can be a great way to promote yourself, network and find jobs.


LinkedIn is a great place for professional networking.

You can connect with professionals and organisations in the biomedical science sector, use your LinkedIn profile to promote yourself to potential employers and search for jobs.

Join biomedical science groups like IBMS, biomedical science and biomedical scientists on LinkedIn. These groups often include posts advertising jobs.



Twitter is a great way to make connections and keep up with what’s new in biomedical science.

You can connect with companies and professionals in the biomedical science sector and keep up with all the latest news and developments in biomedical science.

You can search Twitter using #jobs and look out for any jobs newsfeeds.

Change your Facebook account settings to private – potential employers will often check out your social media accounts.



Google+ lets you connect with experts in your field and join communities in your areas of interest.