Statements and responses

This page contains official statements, responses, comments and letters from professional bodies, organisations and individuals. This page will be reviewed daily and updated regularly. 

IBMS Statements

COVID-19 message for members – 5 March 2020

COVID-19 - supporting the virology service – 16 March 2020

Student placements during COVID-19 – 19 March 2020

Letter of support for key workers – 24 March 2020

IBMS advice to programme leaders, students and placement providers – 25 March 2020

COVID-19 - recommendations for laboratory work – 29 March 2020

IBMS response to BBC report – 1 April 2020

We are ready to test – give us what we need – 3 April 2020

The UK must avoid a 'Wild West Testing' scenario – 16 April 2020

Serology testing: planning for the exit strategy – 24 April 2020

IBMS Statement on PPE – 27 April 2020

COVID-19 testing: a four point plan for the next stage strategy – 30 April 2020

A message from our president – 30 May 2020

Lighthouse Lab expansion will compound data issues – 30 Junes 2020



Official statements, comments and letters

Joint response to Lessons Learned from the COVID-19 Virus Pandemic: Transition towards a Distributed Service Model (DSM) and Value-Based (Whole System) Approach for Scottish Laboratory Medicine (IBMS, RCPath, ACB, 24 July 2020)

Statement from RCPath’s Immunology Specialty Advisory Committee on COVID-19/SARS CoV2 antibody evaluation (RCPath, 2 April)

Health Professions Officers and the HCPC regarding returnees to the Register to respond to coronavirus demand (19 March 2020)

Science Council COVID-19 Official Statement (Science Council, 12 March 2020)

Statement of Accredited Registers about COVID-19 (Coronavirus) (6 March 2020)

How we will continue to regulate in light of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) (HCPC, 3 march 2020)

Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Patient Pathway (NHS Strategic Incident Director, 21 February 2020)



Coronavirus (COVID-19): UK government response (DHSC and PHE)



Valerie Bevan's letter to The Guardian (7 April 2020)

Professor Brian I Duerden's letter to the editor (1 April 2020) Online link here.

Michael Coles' letter to the editor (28 March 2020) - Online link here.

Letter of support for key workers (IBMS, 24 March 2020)