12th BDIAP seminar for trainees in histopathology

12th BDIAP seminar for trainees in histopathology

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5th March 2019
Venue: Royal College of Pathologists

Aims and Objectives:

This is an annual meeting, now in its 11th year. The day will focus on the macroscopic examination of the major specimens that are received in the surgical pathology department. Lectures will cover the preparation, examination and cut-up of these specimens, within the guidelines provided by the Royal College of Pathologists in the form of minimum data sets. Emphasis will be placed on explanation of the importance of handling of surgical specimens macroscopically in order that the subsequent microscopic examination is accurate. The aim of the day is to facilitate the trainee histopathologist to handle surgical specimens competently and with confidence. The day will be concluded with a session on macroscopic examination for the stage A examination, and the FRCPath part 1 and part 2 examinations.

This study day is ideal revision for histopathology trainees at all stages. BMSs with an interest in the ‘cut-up’, including advanced practitioners, are also welcome to attend.

Event contact details

Dr. Lisa Browning Telephone: 01865 222744 Event website


Royal College of Pathologists 6 Alie St, London E1 8QT