2017 European Histopathology Forum

The two day meeting of the 2017 European Histopathology Forum (EHF)

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28th - 29th March 2017
Venue: Hellidon Lakes Golf and Spa hotel

As in 2015 there will be 2 workshops, one running on each day.

One workshop will be on basic histopathology to include information on expanded diagnostic tools such as biomarkers, IHC, special stain, RNAscope and image analysis.

The other workshop will focus on IHC and will cover the technical aspects of immunohistochemistry, how it is used and show some cases where it was used in diagnosis and research.


The programme includes talks on:

Microtomy and basic section cutting

Multiplex IHC in Drug Discovery

Cytokine characterisation in mouse using RNAscope

Cell Cycle Algorithm Test – a predictive and prognostic IVD test for a variety of cancers

Macrophage optical imaging project

Mass Spectrometry in Drug Discovery

Update on RNAScope technology

SHG Quantification of Collagen in unstained histological sections


This year we are trialling a new item in the agenda, a talk/ open discussion forum, which on this occasion will be on Formalin Free fixation. It is hoped that this will give many delegates the opportunity to share their experiences/ opinions on this topic and benefit the group as a whole.

A registration form, workshop application form, poster presentation form, and full programme will follow in a few weeks.

Event contact details

Aaron Southgate Telephone: +44 20 8869 3648 Fax: +44 20 8869 3270 Event website


Hellidon Lakes Golf and Spa hotel Daventry NN11 6GG