Events on 18 February 2019

Introductory Course in Gynaecological Cytology 2018-2019

Allocated as Lecture/Study: 30 hrs 0 mins
Allocated as Q&A/Discussion 10 hrs 0 mins
Allocated as Practical Element 80 hrs 0 mins

Total 120 hrs 0 mins

Histology Training for BMS Graduates

This training offers the skills and techniques you require to function effectively in the histopathology laboratories. BMS Graduates who does not have diagnostic laboratory experience will acquire this through our intensive histology training. This training is practical oriented (95% practical), while the remaining 5% is the general theory of histological techniques. It is a 4 weeks training with 3 days practical sessions and 2 days of course work.

This is a monthly activity and you can enrol at anytime of the year. Contact us for more information on 01902287065.