Events during April 2019

European Histopathology Forum April 2019

This meeting consists of 16 lectures, two workshops, a discussion forum and a trade show.
The first workshop will aim to give attendees an understanding of basic pathological processes, from cell degeneration, cell death to neoplasia and cell proliferation. The second workshop will aim to give attendees a greater understanding of antigen retreival, covering many of the the various techniques/methods currently available.

Urinary Tract Cytology for Technical Staff April 2019

A formal education training day covering Urinary Cytology to include lectures and workshops and self-assessment slides.

Intermediate Immunohistochemistry April3

The intermediate IHC course is suitable for anyone who has a basic background in IHC and wishes to gain a better understanding of what’s involved in taking this technique a step further.

Blood Sciences Short Course 05/04/19

Five sessions comprising mainly lectures and some practical activities to assist with some elements of the IBMS Clinical Biochemistry and Haematology and Hospital Transfusion Practice Specialist Diplomas.

4th Cardiac Marker Dialogues meeting (“High Sensitivity” Cardiac Troponin – Still Got It After All These Years: Is There Anything New Around The Corner?)

In 2010 UK NEQAS for Cardiac Markers identified a requirement to initiate a dedicated meeting to educate and involve clinical scientists, biomedical scientists, clinicians and the diagnostics industry in the continuously evolving area of cardiac markers and their role in diagnosis and treatment.

Microbiology Society Annual Conference 2019

Annual Conference is designed to cover the breadth of microbiology research and its comprehensive scientific programme has over 30 sessions taking place over four days in a range of formats. In addition, the conference will host a series of sessions designed to enhance their professional skills in microbiology.

Pre-Exam Course in Gynaecological Cytology 2019

To prepare candidates proposing to sit the NHSCSP Training in Cervical Cytology Final Examination by means of lectures, written questions and microscopy workshops. A mock examination is held on the last day and marked by the tutor for feedback to the student and their departmental training officers/assessors.
To test students on various key elements of the two year training programme leading to the final examination and formal registration after successful completion of all elements of the training.

BMS / Cytoscreener Update Course in Gynaecological Cytology

To provide a theoretical and practical update to cervical cytology for BMS and cytoscreener staff who have passed the NHSCSP Certificate/Diploma in Cervical Cytology
To recognise new developments within the screening programme
To undertake practical diagnostic microscopy training in order to meet professional competencies
Reflective learning topics to include
To recognise the cytological features of hyperchromatic crowded groups
To recognise the cytological features of metaplasia
To recognise the cytological features of High-grade dyskaryosis
To understand the role of the cervical cancer audit and the lessons learned from the external review process.
The role of HPV Primary screening

UK NEQAS Cellular Pathology Technique Immunocytochemistry Staining Beginners Workshop April 2019

Delegates will learn the basic principles of cellular pathology and immunocytochemical staining techniques.

UK NEQAS Cellular Pathology Technique Immunocytochemistry Intermediate / Trouble Shooting Workshop April 2019

Delegates will learn and understand the specialist skills in specialist principles of cellular pathology and histological immunocytochemical staining techniques.
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