Events during June 2019

Quality control in infectious disease testing

This talk, organised by the London Region Virology Discussion Group, will highlight the change in thinking that is long overdue in understanding quality control in infectious diseases testing, where the use of traditional methods for monitoring QC data are entrenched and are still advocated by many international guidelines, including UK National Standard Methods, even though these traditional methods are not suitable.

Quality control in serology laboratory presentation

Quality control in serology laboratory presentation, given at the IBMS London Branch Virology Discussion Group on 4th June 2019

Clinical and Laboratory Haemostasis 2019; UK NEQAS for Blood Coagulation Annual Scientific Meeting

UK NEQAS for Blood Coagulation Annual Scientific & Participants' Meeting attracts laboratory scientists and a multidisciplinary healthcare audience for presentations and discussion on issues in Haemostasis & Thrombosis.

Scotblood 2019 Conference

The Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service (SNBTS) annual Scotblood Conference will be held on the 6th and 7th of June at Stirling University

IBMS Registration Portfolio Workshop June 2019

The workshop has been tailored to enhance your understanding of the IBMS Registration Portfolio requirements, from the perspectives of both the trainee and the trainer. It will help you recognise and select appropriate evidence for inclusion, offer constructive feedback to students who are completing a portfolio and provide greater insight into the verification process and follow-up for IBMS membership and HCPC registration.

Update in Cervical Cytology for Pathologists, Consultant BMS’s & holders of the Advanced Specialist Diploma in Cytology June 2019

Formal Training Day with an update on current issues and a workshop covering various morphological pitfalls in cervical cytology.

UK NEQAS Clinical Chemistry Roadshow Edinburgh 2019

We will be explaining the mechanics of the Schemes, including how the statistics are calculated and how to interpret your reports to assist you in troubleshooting.

We will showcase some of the added value extras that the Schemes provide; we are not just a numbers-only service.

We want to give you the chance to ask questions from us on any topic, but perhaps with particular emphasis on how we can assist you in your day job and how to help you with the demands of ISO15189.


The seventy-seventh annual general meeting of the Institute of Biomedical Science will be held at the Institute of Biomedical Science, 12 Coldbath Square, London EC1R 5HL on Saturday 8th June 2019.

Introductory Course in Cervical Cytology

A mandatory 4 week basic course in cervical cytology designed for trainees working within the Cervical Screening Programme. This course is completed with a further 5 days of follow up training.

Practical and Clinical Microbiology of Anaerobes (P&CMAn) 11/06/2019

Training course on all aspects of anaerobic microbiology including discussion of clinical cases
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