Events on 17 October 2019

Introductory Course in Gynaecological Cytology Sep-Oct 2019

Allocated as Lecture/Study: 30 hrs 0 mins
Allocated as Q&A/Discussion 10 hrs 0 mins
Allocated as Practical Element 80 hrs 0 mins

Total 120 hrs 0 mins

UK NEQAS Cellular Pathology Technique Renal workshop October 2019

This introductory workshop provides an introduction to the theory and application of Renal Pathology techniques

Practical HPLC Troubleshooting Course – 2 Days

To correctly install a HPLC system, including fluids and electrical components
To understand symptoms and attribute them to certain abnormalities
To be able to perform routine maintenance
To be able to implement corrective measures once faults are spotted e.g. stopping leaks, replacing flow cells and
making fittings
To be able to solve retention time, baseline, tailing peaks and back pressure problems