Events on 21 July 2021

Quality control in serology laboratory presentation

Quality control in serology laboratory presentation, given at the IBMS London Branch Virology Discussion Group on 4th June 2019

Point of Care Testing Biopod Vol 1

The IBMS Biopod is a monthly podcast for members. Each episode will feature experts from the field discussing their research and talking about the latest developments.

Biomed Online Learning Courses (April - July 2021)

Biomed Online courses delivered over 12 weeks in following subjects:
• Advanced Human Genetics
• Analysis of Nucleic Acids
• Antibiotics
• Applied Haemostasis and Thrombosis
• Blood Transfusion
• Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry Analysis in Healthcare Settings
• Clinical Data Interpretation
• Diabetes and the Clinical Laboratory
• Diagnosis of Breast Cancer
• Diagnostic Haemostasis and Thrombosis
• Governance and Risk Management
• Haemoglobinopathies
• Haemolytic Anaemias
• Haematological Malignancies
• Immunocytochemistry in Diagnostic Cellular Pathology
• Implementing Advanced Quality Management
• Lung Disease
• Management of Healthcare Associated Infection
• Managing Learning and Development in Healthcare
• Parasitology
• Point of Care Testing
• Quality Systems Management
• Renal Disease
• Robotics and Automation

UK NEQAS Microbiology Webinars

Series of free scientific webinars

Free to access On Line learning programs from Thermo Fisher

Two online programs are now available. Please register to get access to two ASCLS certified lectures (30 mins each). At the end you will get a certificate to submit for CPD activities.

Serous Fluid Cytology Course 2021

Allocated as Lecture/Study: 5 hrs 0 mins
Allocated as Q&A/Discussion 0 hrs 0 mins
Allocated as Practical Element 6 hrs 0 mins

Total 11 hrs 0 mins

Staffordshire and Keele Universities’ Train the Trainer 2021

Staffordshire and Keele Universities are holding a joint Train the Trainer event to support training officers and all other staff involved in training at all levels. We will look at the advantages of authentic assessment and how this can reduce attainment and achievement gaps, how social media can be used for promotion and to strengthen networks, how to evidence service user standards and the value of situational judgement assessments.

All welcome.