Events on 4 April 2022

Quality control in serology laboratory presentation

Quality control in serology laboratory presentation, given at the IBMS London Branch Virology Discussion Group on 4th June 2019

Point of Care Testing Biopod Vol 1

The IBMS Biopod is a monthly podcast for members. Each episode will feature experts from the field discussing their research and talking about the latest developments.

62nd Annual Scientific Meeting of the British Society for Haematology

The 62nd Annual Scientific Meeting of the British Society for Haematology promises to include celebrations with our return to face-to-face events whilst keeping an online presence for the engagement of our international colleagues. The programme will focus on developing partnerships which enable outstanding science to transform patient care, whilst exploring topics that are relevant to all haematologists at a range of training levels.

Blood Stocks Management Scheme Education Event – Introduction to smarter inventory management

A free 1 day course designed for state registered Biomedical Scientists working within a Blood Transfusion laboratory. This activity is interactive as well as informative. We will focus on setting ideal blood stock levels, managing wastage, component selection quizzes, data tools, getting the best out of the VANESA data portal and much more.
Spaces are limited and each application will be considered by a member of the BSMS team.

Microbiology Society Annual Conference / 2022

Annual Conference 2022 sees the Society return to its in-person annual meeting format following a two-year hiatus due to the global health crisis. Annual Conference is designed to cover the breadth of microbiology research and its comprehensive scientific programme has over 30 sessions taking place across four days in a range of formats, including: symposia, virus workshops, prokaryotic and eukaryotic fora, and more.