Annual SHOT Symposium 2019

To receive an overview of the Annual SHOT Report 2018 (pub 2019), and lessons on improving patient safety in blood transfusion.

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9th July 2019
Venue: Rothamsted Centre for Research and Enterprise

To receive an overview of results from the 2018 Annual SHOT Report (pub.2019)

- To explore improving patient safety through interventions based on SHOT data

- To explore the lessons learned from current SHOT data

- To explore the impact of new guidelines and audits

- To explore the complications associated with massive haemorrhage

- To explore improved patient management

- To explore the value of root cause analysis

- To discuss issues related to transfusion laboratory staffing


Delegates will gain

- Statistical information and feedback, including comparisons with earlier data.

- Information on the risks of transfusion.

- Information on reporting incidents to SHOT

- The opportunity to participate in question and answer sessions and discussions

- Participation in an “open to the floor” interactive session

- Updates on topical issues such as:

- BSH guidance related to group check samples

- Quality control of point of care testing systems


Event contact details

SHOT Office Telephone: 0161 423 4208 Event website


Rothamsted Centre for Research and Enterprise West Common Harpenden AL5 2JQ