British Society for Immunology Congress 2019

The British Society for Immunology Congress is the BSI’s flagship event. The congress enables the exchange of ideas and knowledge to facilitate research and collaborations focusing on immunology. Information: Programme overview:

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2nd - 5th December 2019
Venue: ACC Liverpool

Attendees will gain the following key learning outcomes from attending the event:

  1. To be able to demonstrate good knowledge and critical thinking on recent significant research and current thinking across the field of immunology, in particular the topics listed below: 
  • Cancer immunotherapy
  • Immunological challenges of controlling influenza
  • Learning from cell signalling in immunodeficiency
  • Mechanism of inflammation in immunodeficiency
  • The recognition and clearance of senescent cells by leukocytes
  • Tissue resident memory T cells
  • Autoimmunity: Natural and man-made (BSI/UKPIN)
  • B cell activation and differentiation
  • Common themes in cancer and inflammatory disease
  • Defining antibody diversity in protective immune responses
  • Emerging functions of non-classical lymphocytes
  • From laboratory to clinic: engaging with industry to translate immunology research
  • Imaging leukocyte dynamics
  • Immune cell metabolic pathways as targets in disease
  • Immune recognition of microbiota species
  • Immune surveillance and lymphoid tissue architecture
  • Immunotherapy and neurological disease
  • Immunotherapy in autoimmunity: Finding the perfect reset button
  • Inflammation of mucosal barriers
  • Inhibitory immune receptors and new immunotherapies
  • Leukocyte trafficking during infection, inflammation and cancer
  • Metabolism, migration and autoimmunity
  • Monocyte and macrophage regulation of immune homoeostasis and inflammation
  • Network interactions: bringing together immunology and neuroscience
  • New developments in neuroimmunology
  • Pattern recognition in inflammation: From mechanisms to therapy (BSI/UKPIN)
  • Stromal-immune cell cross-talk
  • T cells in human health and disease
  • The role of mutated and non-mutated proteins in cancer immunity
  • Understanding immune responses to improve vaccine design


  1. To develop communication skills related to presenting their work (either as an oral or poster presentation) to an audience of peers
  2. To demonstrate good knowledge on how to successfully write and publish a scientific paper
  3. To demonstrate good knowledge on how to write a successful grant and funding applications
  4. To demonstrate good knowledge on how to interact with the media and industry

Event contact details

Jane Sessenwein Telephone: 020 3019 5901 Event website


ACC Liverpool King's Dock
Port of Liverpool
Kings Dock St Liverpool L3 4FP