HPV. Its role in Cervical Carcinogenesis and how to detect it April 2018

A one-day course aimed at MLA's, Cytology Screeners and BMSs.

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18th April 2018
Venue: NEPSEC - Wakefield

A one day course that aims to give anyone involved in HPV testing an overview of basic cell biology, the role that HPV plays and the different techniques that can be used to detect it. The day starts with some basic cell biology to help individuals understand common terms and jargon. This is followed by a detailed, but understandable synopsis of the role of HPV in the aetiology of CIN and cervical cancer and after lunch an insight into the different ways we can detect HPV and a brief outline of the technology used. There will alos be a short discussion about the efficacy and variations of the different kits and how this impacts on the results for HPV triage / Test of Cure etc.


The course is ideal for MLAs or Cytology Screeners who are new to cell biology and the mechanics of HPV detection, but would also be of benefit for BMS who have been out of education for a while and are not comfortable with cell biology and how HPV testing actually works.

Event contact details

Kathryn Hawke Telephone: 01132466332 Event website


NEPSEC - Wakefield 3, Silkwood Business Park
Fryers Way
Wakefield WF5 9TJ