IBMS AGM 3rd June 2023

The eighty-first annual general meeting of the Institute of Biomedical Science (IBMS) will be held in the TED Theatre at The Catalyst, 3 Science Square, Newcastle Helix, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE4 5TG and virtually via Zoom

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3rd June 2023
9.30   - 10.00 Registration and coffee 
10.00  - 11.00

Lecture - 

Dr Nigel Brown, Head of Toxicology Service at Wansbeck General Hospital.
‘A different way to die from explosives’
Dinitrophenol is an industrial chemical used in production industrial chemicals including explosives. It has been used as a dietary aid for some years and has become popular with body builders. It has been linked to fatalities and the sale of the chemical is due to be restricted in the UK later this year. The talk will also include the mechanism by which dinitrophenol acts on the body.

11.00  - 11.30 Registration for the Annual General Meeting 
11.30  - 13.00 Annual General Meeting and Awards 
13.00  - 13.30 Lunch and close 

Event registration

IBMS members must register to attend the AGM, whether in person or virtually. Deadline for registration is Thursday 1st June, at 11.30am.

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