IBMSpod - Episode 5

In March's edition of IBMS POD, we ask how can biomedical scientists manage worry, anxiety and stress and boost mental wellbeing in the midst of the pandemic?

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4th March 2021
Venue: Online
IBMSpod Episode 5 - with Dr Joanne Horne and Cherie Beckett 

Dr Jo Horne is a consultant Biomedical Scientist in Gastrointestinal & Hepatobiliary Histopathology at University Hospital Southampton Trust. She has been helping colleagues cope with the pressures that the pandemic has put on their mental health. Jo discusses the issues biomedical scientists have faced during COVID-19, her role alongside her main work as a ‘safe space practitioner' delivering psychological first aid and if the increased emphasis on supporting mental wellbeing during Covid-19 will lead to permanent change post-pandemic? Jo also chats about her scientific work, talking us through the dissection and reporting process in Histopathology and answers a question about encouraging women into STEM in light of International Women’s Day on the 8th March and faces our quick-fire round.

In LabLife, we catch up with Cherie Beckett, Biomedical Scientist in Microbiology. She chats to us about her work outside the lab hosting the IBMS Twitter chat and volunteering to show a child suffering from leukaemia around her laboratory for the charity Harvey’s Gang.

IBMSPOD ·  Episode 5 - Wellbeing, histopathology and microbiology with Dr Jo Horne & Cherie Beckett
Episode outline

0:15 – IBMS News

2:25 – Feature Interview with Jo Horne

2:25 - Section 1: Working in Histopathology - including gastrointestinal pathology and why is it so important; specimen dissection;  the most unusual samples Jo has processed and what biomedical research she participates in, 

10:56 – Section 2: Health and Wellbeing in the pandemic - including Jo's experience during COVID-19, her role as a 'safe-space practitioner', issues arising for Biomedical Scientists, what systemic changes to wellbeing services are needed and how to put them in place post-pandemic and positive things to come out of the pandemic.

24:17 – Section 3: How can we encourage girls & women into STEM careers?

25:50 – Quick-fire round: Female Science Hero, Favourite Pathogen, First thing Jo will do after lockdown. 

28:06 – LabLife with Cherie Beckett

Links to further resources

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Feature interview with Dr Jo Horne 

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