Near Miss Events and Incident Investigation Webinar 2021

SHOT and the MHRA are pleased to announce our joint webinar covering the importance of learning from Near Miss events and the principles of Investigating Incidents. We will include some illustrative cases to highlight key learning points.

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19th May 2021
Venue: Online

This 1-hour webinar is free to access and will include:

A 40 minute presentation by experts from SHOT and the MHRA covering Near Miss events and Investigating Incidents, including highlights from previous SHOT reports.

A 20 minute interactive Q&A session

This is an excellent opportunity for CPD through reflective practice - with the following learning objectives:

•What is a Near Miss?

•Why are NM events good learning opportunities?

• Principles of incident investigation

This webinar will be relevant to all health care professionals involved in transfusion – Laboratory Staff, Clinicians, Transfusion Practitioners and Haemovigilance Specialists, as well as Quality Assurance Professionals

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