Practical HPLC Method Development Course – 3 Days

To be able to establish a starting point for Method Development To know how to use a gradient run to decide whether to use isocratic or gradient elution To be able to select the most appropriate mode of HPLC e.g. Reversed phase, Normal phase, Ion exchange e.t.c. To know the parameters that need to be optimised, the order in which to optimise them and to recognise optimum conditions for each sample To know when to use internal or external standards To establish confidence in peak identification

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14th - 16th October 2019
Venue: Stuart Jones HPLC Academy

For information on the course content, please refer to the content page of the course website.

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Dr. Stuart Jones Telephone: 01634 297533 Event website


Stuart Jones HPLC Academy Unit B16 Laser Quay,
Medway City Estate
Rochester Kent ME2 4HU UK