Preparation and Cytology of the Urinary Tract

These training sessions are ideal for anyone completing their Specialist Diploma in Cytopathology, but equally suitable for non-medical staff new to diagnostic cytology and wishing to gain experience in non-gynaecological cytology.. The course covers sample collection and preparation techniques, serous fluids, urine and respiratory cytology and will include lectures, workshops, multi-header sessions and self-assessment elements.

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17th March 2020
Venue: NEPSEC - Wakefield

Key Learning Outcomes and Reflection Topics 

  • Understand the anatomy, histology and physiology of the urinary tract
  • Understand investigative methods used in diagnosing urinary tract disease
  • Understand the methods of sample collection
  • Know the appearance of contaminants and artefacts
  • Know the normal cytological features of urine samples
  • Know the appearance and significance of the presence of crystals and casts in urine
  • Know the appearance and/or cytopathic effects of urinary tract infections
  • Understand iatrogenic changes in urinary tract
  • Understand the cytomorphological features of neoplastic disease and malignancy
  • Be aware of the grading criteria of papillary carcinoma
  • Be aware of diagnostic pitfalls

Event contact details

Isabelle Caillet Telephone: 0161 2765114 Event website


NEPSEC - Wakefield North of England Pathology and Screening Education Centre
3 Silkwood Business Park
Fryers Way
Wakefield WF5 9TJ