Theory and Practice - Advanced Immunohistochemistry

The course will provide an in depth knowledge of the more advanced uses of IHC and participants will leave having gained the sills to perform and manipulate IHC on tissue to identify complex/three different antigens/cellular components in a single tissue section.

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22nd - 23rd May 2018
Venue: University of Sheffield


By the end of the course delegates will be able to:


Carry out a triple staining IHC technique

explain why the different reagents used in the techniques were chosen

Discuss the use of image analysis software

developed this own technique for a multiple staining IHC technique of IHC combined with another technique

understand how IHC can be used as a powerful diagnostic tool

understand when the use different techniques to best demonstrate the signal of interest. 

Event contact details

Lynne Baxter/ Natalie Kennerley Telephone: 01142222271 or 01142226600