UK Standards for Microbiology Investigations Joint Bacteriology and Virology Working Group Meeting December 2020

Working group to develop standards for clinical and diagnostic microbiology laboratories.

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2nd December 2020
Venue: Public Health England

The focus of the meetings will be a new approach to UK SMIs which is of a more syndromic nature and aims to address the whole specimen pathway syndromic starting with investigation of genital tract infection both Virology and Bacteriology working group members will attend these meeting to work on syndromic documents.

UK Standards for Microbiology Investigations (SMIs) comprise a collection of recommended algorithms for initial test selection, procedures for carrying out microbiology and virology tests, together with testing and confirmatory strategies.

UK SMIs promote high quality practices and help to assure the comparability of diagnostic information obtained in different laboratories. This in turn facilitates standardisation of surveillance underpinned by research, development and audit and promotes public health and patient confidence in their healthcare services. The UK SMIs also provide a reference point for method development.

The educational objectives are to implement the methods in bacteriology, consolidating the expertise of the working group members in order to produce a consensus standard to be used by clinical laboratories. The discussions will contribute to the development of good standards for laboratories to comply with.  During the discussion process the working group members will also highlight current testing methods and research relevant to the topic area raised.

Feedback of the documents from a wide consultation process will ensure that the methods remain relevant, appropriate, up to date and will strengthen SMIs for use within a clinical laboratory setting.


Public Health England Colindale