Urine Cytology Course 2019

Allocated as Lecture/Study: 5 hrs 0 mins Allocated as Q&A/Discussion 0 hrs 0 mins Allocated as Practical Element 7 hrs 0 mins Total 12 hrs 0 mins

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24th - 25th July 2019
Venue: London Regional Cytology Training Centre

The urinary tract two day non-gynae course is designed for qualified BMSs and covers many aspects of the IBMS Advanced Specialist Certificate (General Level) syllabus, including specimen preparation techniques, anatomy, and histology. Recognition of normal cellular constituents, inflammation, atypia and malignancy are covered by practical microscopy sessions and formal lectures.  

Key Learning Outcomes

An understanding of the anatomy of urinary system

To be able to recognise the benign cellular and non-cellular constituents of  normal urine

To have awareness of the diagnostic pitfall of urine cytology

To recognise malignancy in urological samples urine

To understand the classification systems for urological neoplasias

To understand the methods of handling and preparing urinary samples

To be familiar with best practice in the processing, handling and reporting of urinary samples

Reflection Topics

  1. What are the limitations of urine cytology?
  2. What are the factors that could contribute to a false positive diagnosis in urinary cytology?

Event contact details

Mr Mark Terry Telephone: 0208 869 5270 Event website


London Regional Cytology Training Centre St Marks Building, Northwick Park Hospital
Watford Road
Harrow HA1 3UJ