A Look at Biomedical Science Day 2019

A Look at Biomedical Science Day 2019
21 June 2019
A quick look at our most widely celebrated Biomedical Science Day yet

We have been overwhelmed by our members yet again. Biomedical Science Day 2019 was a huge success. Over 150 hospital and university laboratories took part in celebrations, each welcoming hundreds of visitors to learn about their role at the heart of healthcare. 

On social media, we encouraged our members to use the hashtags #BiomedicalScienceDay2019 and #AtTheHeartOfHealthcare to promote their activities. On Twitter both hashtags trended all day and had an audience of over 2,250,000 users with over 6 million views of all Biomedical Science Day posts. Biomedical Science Day also earned the attention of some big Twitter accounts, including Guardian Healthcare, Behind Closed Doors’ Dr Amir Khan, and Sarah Wollaston MP. On Facebook there were lots of messages of support from Trusts, charities and other healthcare pages and our online community were active and posting pictures of their events all day. On BBC Radio 2, DJ Zoe Ball – who has an average weekly audience of 9.05 million – also gave a shout out to biomedical scientists across the UK, as did BBC Radio Leeds and BBC Radio Jersey.

We have managed to compile a large amount of the photos and competition entries in our Facebook gallery (over 500 and counting). If you had your photo taken on the day it's likely you will have ended up there (or will do in the coming days).

We also announced our Champions of Biomedical Science:  where a member from each region won a prize and award for showing dedication to the promotion, development and delivery of excellence in biomedical science.

Here is some of the media coverage from the day (let us know if you find any more:

BBC Radio 2

BBC Radio Leeds

BBC Radio Cumbria

Cumbria TV

Here are some of the most popular tweets from the day:

We will be doing a more comprehensive round-up in next month's The Biomedical Scientist.

Thank you again to all our amazing members - you have done your profession proud!

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