IBMS Chat Special: Using Twitter Spaces

IBMS Chat Special: Using Twitter Spaces
15 November 2022
This month, we will be trialling a special edition of our regular monthly #IBMSChat, using Twitter’s new ‘Spaces’ live audio feature.

‘Twitter Spaces’ is a way for audiences to get involved in live audio conversations. Anyone can join, listen or speak in a Space on Twitter using the app. Website users can listen and post questions.

Later this November, IBMS member Sheri Scott, senior lecturer in biomedical science at Nottingham Trent University, will be co-hosting our first ever Twitter Space-based #IBMSChat.

With the UN’s climate change conference COP27 taking place in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt this month and featuring highly in the news, the topic of discussion will be on sustainability in labs, where Sheri will provide invaluable insight on the environmental issues that labs face and the actions that can be taken to try to increase sustainability.

Sheri will be building on her session at the Biomedical Scientist Live event, which will be taking place earlier the same day, alongside #IBMSChat co-host, Rob Dabrowski, editor of the Biomedical Scientist magazine.

To join in the conversation with Sheri and Rob about laboratory sustainable practices, from recycling reagent bottles to installing LED lighting with motion sensors, as well as the ‘leading-by-example’ influences of organisations like the HCPC themselves, add a reminder to your diaries for the next #IBMSChat, ‘Paving the way to Greener Labs’!

At the usual time, 8 – 9pm on Wednesday 23 November, you can get involved and hear directly from our two guest speakers as they outline ways to create greener pathology lab structures. Don’t miss this one!

How to join and take part:

1. Open Twitter on your mobile phone or through your web browser.

2. To open the Space ...

  • via the Twitter app on your phone: the spaces available for you to join will appear at the top of your timeline, highlighted in purple circles – open the one for @IBMScience. Alternatively, you can click on the link in our pinned tweet.
  • via Twitter on your web browser: you can access the space by clicking directly on this link at the scheduled time slot - or by clicking the link in the pinned tweet that will be on our feed.

3. Once in the Space, you can request permission to speak from the host by selecting the ‘Request’ icon below the microphone.

Note: you can only speak via the Twitter app (this is not possible via Twitter on web browers).

4. If you would like to post questions, you can do so as normal by tweeting to us @IBMScience using the ‘#IBMSChat’ hashtag. One of our co-hosts will then aim to read out and answer your question in the Space.

Note: Please make sure to mute your mic when you are not speaking to prevent any unwanted interruptions. 

The IBMS Spaces Chat will be available to listen to following the event and can be used for CPD. Members will receive information on how to access the recording after the event.  Read more about Twitter Spaces here.
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