Activity fund round-up for 2021

Activity fund round-up for 2021
30 July 2021
Members who received funding from the IBMS activity fund detail the special events and activities they ran for Biomedical Science Day 2021.

With some COVID-19 restrictions still in place, members got creative and held a blend of in-person and online events up and down the country!

This year was our most diverse yet. From interactive events with patients to online webinars and workshops in schools – members pulled out all the stops to raise public awareness of biomedical science and demonstrate the value of the profession and its role in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of infections and disease. 

The IBMS activity fund provided grants of up to £500 for members to develop their biomedical science-related activities and events.

The grants were able to be used to support a wide range of activities and resources, including experiments, exhibition space at careers events, marketing and communications materials, incentives and giveaways. 

'Guardians of your health', Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust

 BMS day

Manchester Univerisity NHS Foundation Trust invited patients attending appointments to 'spin the wheel' 

The Diagnostic Cytopathology biomedical science team held the 'Guardians of your health' to celebrate Biomedical Science Day and raise awareness of the work done at Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust.

The day involved a nationwide webinar organised in partnership with Health Education England (HEE) and several teams from the field across the country attended. The event leads to a great network opportunity for the department working with HEE to develop a training programme for aspiring biomedical scientists to join the department.

The trust invited patients attending appointments to play 'spin the wheel'. The game involved spinning a wheel and answering straightforward multiple-choice questions related to biomedical science for a chance to win a prize.

Katharine Hayden FRCPath commented: "Thank you all for a fabulous day – so great to see how many people you managed to engage in the event. All down to all of your hard work, well done!"

Zara Pain HR Director said: "Absolutely amazing and enjoying coffee from the mug I won!"

Another attendee commented: "It was a fantastic interactive method of raising awareness of the work we do and change the perception that patients have that Biomedical Scientists only stay in the laboratory. It also provided the opportunity for the public to learn what is a biomedical scientist."

Biomedical Science Promotional Video, Jersey

Victoria Atherton and the team at the Jersey General Hospital, with the help of the government of Jersey, used the funding to produce a video to help promote the profession:

Divine Azange, St Germans Academy School

Pupils at St Germans Academy became 'scientists for the day' with Divine Azange 

Divine Azange used his funds to purchase science kits to hold a 'be a biomedical scientist for a day' event for year four school pupils.

Eighteen pupils received a science kit which included a lab coat, pH meter and Petri dishes.

Each pupil ran experiments of magnetic cereal and urinalysis testing - they also conducted the UV glow germ experiment, which looked at hand washing. This was particularly exciting for the pupils and highlighted the importance of handwashing to curb the spread of COVID-19. They finished by looking at the 'SuperLab' at the heart of the healthcare comic.

Pupils then picked a favourite Superlab hero character and had to guess which superhero Divine was. The pupils did a blood grouping picture panel recognition to finish the day with the winners keeping the UV touch used in the glow germ experiment.

Divine is passionate about inspiring the next generation and believes Year 4 was a great year to highlight the importance biomedical science plays in the patient pathway.

Divine told the IBMS:

"It was more about raising curiosity and inspiring minds. The attendees enjoyed being dressed in a lab coat and having a go at doing their own experiments. The importance of iron in cereal was particularly useful and the pupils found the colour change of urinalysis and pH paper exciting!"
Great British Bake Off, Histology, Royal Wolverhampton Wolverhampton NHS trust