Biomedical Science Day fund winners announced

Biomedical Science Day fund winners announced
12 June 2018
High number of responses leads to increased funding budget for Biomedical Science Day 2018

To help members celebrate Biomedical Science Day 2018 on 19 July, the Albert Norman Trust Fund agreed to release funds for members wishing to develop their public engagement activities. Members were encouraged to apply, with up to £500 available for each successful application.

As a high number of excellent applications were received that met the criteria, additional funds were released to meet the demand. 

Congratulations to the following members:

  • Sylvia Arrowsmith
  • Veronica Carridice
  • Amanda Corkill
  • Geoffrey Curran
  • Ian Davies
  • Jennifer Dengate
  • Carol D'Souza
  • Naideen Forrest
  • Julia Halpin
  • Jo Horne
  • Stephanie Jankee
  • Zara Josephs
  • Shauna McAuley
  • Stephen McDonald
  • Glen McDowell
  • Giselle McKeown
  • Chris O'Kane
  • Martyna Petrulyte
  • Sara Smith
  • Ben Sheath
  • Helen Tasker
  • Lynne Wareing
  • Rebecca Wright

We look forward to following your Biomedical Science Day activities further and hearing about your successes after the event.

Some of the activities being supported include:

  • Tours around the different laboratory departments
  • Demonstrations for visitors including finger prick testing, phlebotomy on dummies and microscopy activities in Haematology and Cellular Pathology
  • Poster competitions for biomedical science staff members
  • Microbe games
  • Dissection kits for lab talks
  • Handouts for interactive stands
  • Baking competitions
  • The viewing of blood smears, agar plate organisms’ growth and possibly imprinting their hands to see what organisms will grow

We are delighted to have supported so many of our members. We hope that with these funds IBMS members will enjoy promoting biomedical science to the public and raise awareness of the vital role it plays in healthcare.

Get involved

For more information about Biomedical Science Day 2018 and to see the many ways that you can get involved in the celebrations visit our website Here you will find information and resources to help you plan and promote your events including: press release and invite letter templates, competitions, free promotional items to order and how to help us spread the word. 

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