Catch the IBMS Competitions Bug

Catch the IBMS Competitions Bug
1 August 2018
Today marks the launch of our monthly #IBMSCompetition

We love that our members are high achievers and often competitive by nature. So, what better way to celebrate the people that we represent than by pitting them against each other until victors emerge and prizes are won? Yes, today marks the launch of our monthly #IBMSCompetition. 

August's #IBMSCompetition is focused on everybody’s favourite freebie – the #IBMSBug. Since we gave away every single #IBMSBug we had for Biomedical Science Day 2018, it’s time for us to order some more of these fuzzy delights. However, before we do, we need some words (140 characters or less) for its tag.

The last #IBMSBug’s tag read: “I’ve got the Biomedical Science Day bug”, while a previous fuzzy bug competition resulted in: “Catch the biomedical science bug with the IBMS”.

It may be time to change the pun.

The rules of the competition are simple:

  • As many entries per person per month as your creativity allows
  • Use the #IBMSCompetition hashtag on Facebook or Twitter along with your entries
  • The competition starts today and closes at 12pm on Friday 24th August 2018
  • Two entries will be chosen and presented to our members in a Facebook poll
  • One winner (will rule them all – or win a much sought after “I love Biomedical Science” T-Shirt and mug)
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