Congress poster winners

Congress poster winners
2 October 2017
Posters representing each biomedical science discipline displayed at Congress competition

As part of the IBMS Congress programme, a poster competition was held each day to represent the best new ideas and research in the biomedical science disciplines.

The posters received this year for judging set a very high standard and made the judging process very difficult. With so many remarkable entries, the judges wished to thank all the poster presenters for their excellent contributions.


Andrea Wilson

Cellular pathology
Lisa-Marie Newlove

Medical microbiology
Paul Livingstone 

Mari Paul 

Clinical chemistry
Clare Jones 

Charlotte Lee 

Chloe Jagpal 

Transfusion science
Neil Kirkpatrick 

Education and Management
V. Ncube 

Molecular pathology
Jack Cowley


Rewarded for their win, each poster winner received a cheque for £150.

The IBMS wishes warm congratulations to all the poster winners, and thanks to all the poster presenters for setting a high standard at this year’s Congress. 

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