Congress videos now live

Congress videos now live
5 December 2019
Exclusive access to IBMS Congress videos for members

This year's IBMS Congress was a huge success - it hosted our biggest and broadest programme ever, with a new stream of free lectures and seminars for the exhibition visitors.

It was also the first Congress at which we hired a production company to film some of the key talks and lectures. These have now been edited and cut together with the original slides and uploaded to a bespoke website. The videos are part of our ongoing efforts to create engaging and easy-to-access digital content for our members' CPD.

The filmed talks and lectures available online are as follows:

  • The Albert Norman Opening Address

  • The Science of Laughter

  • Laboratory service redesign - The Scottish Ambition

  • Consultant Scientists and Consultant Pathologists - an essential partnership

  • Reducing the Environmental Impact of Clinical Laboratories

  •  Legislative changes to regulation

  •  The economic need and strategic challenges to developing the scientist workforce

  •  Total Digital Pathology

  •  Establishing the consultant biomedical scientist role

  •  Emerging professions - physicians' associates and assistants

  •  Educating and training the scientist workforce; apprenticeships, PTP, STP, HSST - the legacy of MSC

  •  Future plans for Med Lab Accreditation

  •  Point of Care Testing accreditation

  •  Technical Surgery - Ongoing verification

  •  Handling ETSs and Flexible Scopes

  •  Accreditation of Pathology Networks

  •  Accreditation of Pathology Networks - A customer perspective

  •  Maintaining Accreditation

The website containing the videos is for IBMS members only. You must be logged in to the website and access the link through this webpage.

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