Government update advice on ‘no deal’ Brexit planning

Government update advice on ‘no deal’ Brexit planning
12 December 2018
The IBMS wishes to draw attention to Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) updated advice on potential impacts for NHS laboratories

Following the news that the UK Government and the EU have now agreed the basis upon which the UK will leave the EU in March 2019, Matt Hancock, Health and Social Care Secretary has provided an update to all NHS organisations and service providers. Regarding Brexit, the Government's plans for leaving the EU in March 2019, and the unlikely scenario of a 'no-deal' exit the updates can be downloaded below. 

EU Exit – Medical Devices and Clinical Consumables supply in a March 2019 ‘no deal’ scenario: An update

Government’s preparations for a March 2019 ‘No Deal’ scenario: an update


Read the 'no-deal' Brexit information from the UK Government that we published in September this year. 



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