HCPC publishes revised Standards of Proficiency

HCPC publishes revised Standards of Proficiency
26 July 2022
Following a comprehensive review, publication consultation and stakeholder engagement with the IBMS, the HCPC have now published revised Standards of Proficiency for biomedical scientists

The revised standards were approved by HCPC’s Council in March 2022 and will take effect on 1 September 2023.

HCPC's Standards of Proficiency set the knowledge and abilities that all registrants must have to become and remain registered with them.

Changes include an increased emphasis on:

  • the promotion of public health and prevention of service users’ ill-health
  • the role of equality, diversity, and inclusion, with specific importance placed on ensuring practice is inclusive for all service-users
  • the central role of the service-user, including the importance of valid consent and effective communication in providing good care
  • the importance of registrants maintaining their fitness to practise by looking after their mental health and seeking help where necessary
  • the importance of leadership at all levels of practice
  • the need to be able to use information, communication and digital technologies appropriate to practice.

There are also changes to the language and profession-specific standards, which reflect each professions’ development and the feedback received from our consultation and stakeholder engagement.

From 1st September 2023, the IBMS will be updating all Registration Training Portfolio and BSc degree accreditation documentations to reflect these HCPC revisions.

Additional resources

Download and view the changes for biomedical scientists, or read more about the changes on the HCPC website.  

To support the move to the new standards the HCPC will deliver a series of events and webinars explaining the changes and providing additional information. To register, please visit the HCPC events page.

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