HCPC reflective practice statement

HCPC reflective practice statement
27 June 2019
On Tuesday 18 June, the HCPC and eight other healthcare regulators published a joint statement, which sets out each organisations’ requirements for reflection

The HCPC and eight other healthcare regulators have published a joint statement which sets out each organisations’ requirements for reflection. It also offers advice for registrants on how to approach reflection effectively, both as an individual and a team. This work is part of a shared commitment to drive an open and honest culture where healthcare professionals feel able to reflect on their experiences to support development and learning.

How reflection can help HCPC registrants

Reflective practice allows an individual to continually improve the quality of care they provide and gives multi-disciplinary teams the opportunity to reflect and discuss openly and honestly.

The statement affirms that reflection plays an important role in healthcare, and brings benefits to service users, by:

  • Fostering improvements in practices and services;
  • Assuring the public that health and care professionals are continuously learning and seeking to improve.

The statement reinforces that reflection is a key element of development and educational requirements and, in some professions, for revalidation as well.

It also makes clear that service user confidentiality is vital, and that registrants will never be asked to provide their personal reflective notes to investigate a concern about them.

The statement makes clear that teams should be encouraged to make time for reflection, as a way of aiding development, improving wellbeing and deepening professional commitment.

Information is given on how to get the most out of reflective practice, including having a systematic and structured approach with proactive and willing participants. It makes clear that any experience, positive or negative and however small – perhaps a conversation with a colleague – can generate meaningful insight and learning. Multi-disciplinary and professional team reflection is viewed as an excellent way to develop ideas and improve practice.

The statement also reinforces the regulators’ continued commitments to reflective practice across their own organisations, and highlights the pivotal role it plays in changing and improving their work.

Read the statement here.

Find more about HCPC CPD requirements here.          

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