Exploring Toxicology - Listen now to IBMSPod

Exploring Toxicology - Listen now to IBMSPod
8 February 2021
In February’s edition of IBMS POD, we delve into the fascinating specialism of Toxicology.

Episode 4 of our podcast series features IBMS members Northumberland-based Toxicologist Nigel Brown & record-breaking Triathlete Jayanta Brahma.


Nigel Brown is a consultant clinical toxicologist whose career spans four decades. He gives us an insight into his role, which includes undertaking routine drug screening to confirm a doctors’ hypothesis about what a patient might have ingested; monitoring alcohol poisoning, where urgent action is required to prevent death from anti-freeze consumption and assisting coroners with post-mortems.

Nigel also discusses how he works closely with the police and social services in cases where people are arrested or tragically, where children need to be taken into care.


Plymouth-based Biomedical Scientist and Triathlete Jayanta Brahma opens-up about how the tragic loss of his best friend motivated him to undertake record-breaking fitness challenges.

In his quest to raise awareness and funds for the Brain Tumour Charity, MIND & Sarcoma UK, he’s rock-climbed the height of Olympus Mons on Mars - the solar’s systems tallest mountain and completed the Iron Man Triathlon – a mammoth 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bicycle ride and 26.22-mile run. 

Episode outline

0:14 - IBMS News  - a round-up of all the latest headlines from the IBMS.
1:45 - Interview with Special Guest Nigel Brown
17:47 - Quick-fire question round
20:21 - LabLife with Jayanta Brahma

How to listen

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