IBMS responds to RCPath workforce census news story

IBMS responds to RCPath workforce census news story
18 September 2018
Royal College of Pathology 2017 workforce census finds staffing issues in NHS histopathology departments

In their recent news story The Royal College of Pathologists (RCPath) highlighted a problem within NHS Histopathology departments with a shortage of qualified medical staff to meet clinical demand. Biomedical scientists are undertaking roles traditionally carried out by medical staff and contributing to the diagnosis of cancer in some laboratories across the four nations.

The IBMS has been working closely with the RCPath to develop and implement roles for scientists within Histopathology and is promoting the increased uptake of these roles. The  IBMS will continue to support biomedical science staff in developing new and expanded roles across pathology to alleviate workforce issues.

For more details into the findings, and to read the RCPath report visit:

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