IBMS Support Hub Launched

IBMS Support Hub Launched
15 September 2020
We are proud to present IBMS Support Hub - a brand new series to help support members' professional development.

We've received feedback from our members that they'd like more support completing CPD, portfolios and advancing their career. In response, we're launching IBMS Support Hub - a series of free online sessions that to help support members' professional development.

IBMS Support Hub will be brought to you by IBMS Deputy Head of Education Jocelyn Pryce and Biomedical Scientist Team Manager and Blood Sciences Training Officer Tahmina Hussain.

Barriers to CPD - 22nd September 1-2pm

Join us for the first interactive session "Barriers to CPD" on Tuesday 22nd September 1-2pm. Hosts Jocelyn and Tahmina will break down the common barriers related to performing and documenting CPD.

You can expect a short presentation followed by a discussion surrounding the following topics: 

  • How you're finding CPD
  • Examples of CPD
  • Barriers to CPD
  • The IBMS CPD scheme

This event has now sold out 

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