In response: COVID-19 laboratory testing suspension

In response: COVID-19 laboratory testing suspension
15 October 2021
Following the suspension of a COVID-19 testing laboratory in Wolverhampton, the IBMS publicly reiterates the need for a regulated workforce and laboratory accreditation for mass testing centres.


As the professional body for biomedical science, the Institute of Biomedical Science (IBMS) expects any workforce undertaking diagnostic testing for COVID-19 to meet the same minimum requirements as any other medical laboratory workforce that is involved in diagnostic testing. 

Our members' established services have some of the highest quality testing programmes in the world. This has been achieved through the implementation of stringent training and registration processes for staff and robust quality management systems for testing - both of which have proven to provide high-quality and safe services for patients.

The mass testing centres set up during the pandemic must assure the same quality of testing and competence of staff as pathology laboratories in the NHS and private healthcare sector.

This statement has been press released and is available for media usage. 

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