Lab in the Park

Lab in the Park
4 July 2019
The 'Cepheid Xperience' was in Jersey showcasing the life saving work done in hospital laboratories

A mobile virtual laboratory arrived in Jersey this week to show islanders the lifesaving work that is undertaken by biomedical science staff at the General Hospital. This follows on from the work the laboratory did for Biomedical Science Day last month, when they organised guided tours of pathology for healthcare workers.

Islanders were able to board the Cepheid Xperience on Tuesday 2nd July and learn about the technology that helps pathology staff identify, research, monitor and treat disease. The truck was parked in Parade Gardens opposite the Hospital and the public were invited to drop-in for free, throughout the day, to see the equipment firsthand as well as to speak to staff about their work.


The technology showcased in the truck plays a direct role in helping healthcare professionals to carry out their work combating hospital acquired infections and fighting antibiotic resistance.

Biomedical science staff at the hospital laboratory organised for the truck, which tours the UK and Europe, to come to Jersey with the aim of informing islanders about the little-known work that is undertaken in their laboratory every day.

Victoria Atherton MBE, Laboratory Manager for Infection and Molecular Sciences, said: "Biomedical science is vital to modern healthcare, but most people do not know what we do within the labs. About 80 percent of doctors’ diagnoses are made through the work carried out by biomedical scientists, so we hope that by bringing the Cepheid Xperience to Jersey we can highlight what we do day-to-day and demonstrate that we are at the heart of healthcare for all islanders."


The event was advertised to all islanders via the Government of Jersey Twitter and Facebook feeds.  Additionally, all Health and Community Services employees received an email inviting them along.  Local radio station BBC Radio Jersey also reported on the event.

Michelle McLaughlin, Head of Quality Improvement tweeted:

Joanne Reid, Biomedical Scientist Team Manager for Microbiology said, “We had a steady stream of visitors from both members of staff and the public. We were situated across the road from the hospital so many staff took the opportunity to stop by during their breaks. It was interesting to see how surprised they all were about the level of technology used in our laboratory and how rapidly we could turn around results that affect not only patient care but the management of hospital beds. Many were also surprised that the laboratory is staffed 24/7. Staff were genuinely interested in how the laboratory works and it was a great opportunity to network and assist staff with questions they have about our service. Regular opportunities like this have the potential to not only raise the profile of the laboratory but to improve the quality of sample ordering and collection by our users.


Edward Levit from Cepheid said “It was an absolute pleasure to visit Jersey General Hospital with the Cepheid Xperience mobile laboratory tour. To be able to engage with so many islanders and showcase the impact of the laboratory & whole team in combating hospital acquired infections, improving patient flow and driving positive patient outcomes was a truly inspirational sight. The tour stop was one of the busiest visits to date, providing a unique insight into the great work of the Jersey General Hospital laboratory to hospital staff and patients alike.

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