National Pathology Week 2019

National Pathology Week 2019
4 November 2019
It's National Pathology Week - the annual week-long celebration of all things pathology

We know that you love to inform the public about your amazing profession and spread the word about your vital role #AtTheHeartOfHealthcare - that's why we celebrate and support the Royal College of Pathologists’ National Pathology Week. Today marks the start of the annual week-long celebration and we are delighted to get behind our members by sending out promotional items for your events and activities across the UK. 

Having sent out so many boxes of goodies, we are also keen to hear what you are all up to - so please do tag us in your social media posts and send us your stories so that we can celebrate what you are doing with the rest of the profession. 

National Pathology Week provides an excellent opportunity for you to showcase your roles and specialities in the profession. This year’s theme is: exploring innovations big and small. The Royal College of Pathologists said:

“New advances in pathology such as digital pathology and genomics can be exciting themes to highlight with your NPW events and activities. We’d love to see public events about current research and future applications from all 17 pathology specialities.

We’re also encouraging wider interpretations around the ‘theme’ of innovation that highlight more everyday breakthroughs and small ‘acts of genius’ in pathology – these might include new ways of working, or smart initiatives in pathology teams that have helped make a difference to the health of patients, and/or which contribute positively to the work of other healthcare professionals.”

Invite fellow hospital staff to visit your laboratory

In healthcare, teamwork is essential. That’s why we encourage you to open your doors to fellow hospital staff and welcome them to tour your laboratories. Take the time and invite your fellow staff members to visit and learn about your role in patients’ healthcare journeys. One useful tool we offer is a poster we developed with Sobana Qadus, a Biomedical Scientist at Manchester Foundation Trust, which you can put up in staff rooms to promote your tours. 

Bring biomedical science ideas to children and the public

By collaborating with our members, we have designed these fun activity sheets for people looking to enhance their public engagement events. They are great resources to help make your stands and presentations more interactive!

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