Planning for National Pathology Week

Planning for National Pathology Week
6 September 2018
With National Pathology Week fast approaching, it’s time to start thinking about how to get involved

National Pathology Week is The Royal College of Pathologists’ annual celebration of pathology, when they highlight the vital role that biomedical scientists and support staff play in the diagnosis of disease and the provision of healthcare.

The week is due to run from 5-11 November and we would like to encourage our members to invite hospital staff into their laboratories to raise awareness of the role of biomedical science in healthcare. Following on from the recent success of Biomedical Science Day, it would be great to see pictures and hear stories from our members who have led any laboratory tours so that we can promote and give voice to the efforts and events through social media.

We would also like to remind our members that we provide packs of free promotional items all year round for any events or stands that aim to inform or promote biomedical science. To order one click here. Please note, if you want to receive your pack in good time, you will need to submit your request prior to 26th October.

Working in partnership with laboratory staff across the UK, The Royal College of Pathologists’ programme of events and activities aims to engage people of all ages and improve public awareness of the profession. If you’re looking for ideas for what you could do, National Pathology Week in 2017 promoted 'Pathology in the Community' and these were two of the most celebrated events:

  • Adventures in Health: Secrets of the Lab invited school students and families to Mile End Ecology Pavilion to a free science fair. Attendees joined scientists and doctors to go behind the scenes of a hospital lab, with a variety of fun hands-on activities, demos and displays

  • The Great Plague: How Autopsies have Transformed our Understanding of Disease saw Dr Suzy Lishman perform a virtual autopsy on a live model to investigate the effects of the plague on the human body 

We wish you all the best planning your events and tours!

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